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to be,

it is up

to me!

ABOUT Ada Brown, Certified Life Skills Coach!

In my earlier Profession as a Social Worker working in the Public Schools as a Life Skills Counselor, Not only did I motivate and encouraged students to achieve an education, but I also empowered entire families to raise their standards of living with greater expectations to be more successful and achieve family goals with peace of mind and harmony within their household.

Now! I want to use my experience and give back. So I’m going hi-tech as a budding Entrepreneur in hot pursuit as a “Certified Life Skills Coach” following the idea of Personal Upgrade to express my passion.


My aspiration is to provide motivational and inspirational information that will add self-worth and personal value to promote innovative thinking that will open up more creative ways for you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your desired destiny.

“When I say I am empowered by passion, I mean it. This is the way I have stuck with since the very first day of our business. I am proud of what I have done but also very keen for what can be done.”

Ada Brown- CEO

My Mission

I am a budding entrepreneur with a passion to motivate, encourage, and promote an inspired life that leads to increased self-worth and added personal value that will empower you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny to be a positive influence and role model to your family, friends, in the marketplace, and within your community.

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