Aimless Thoughts Can Lead To Confusion

maria1Decide to stop thinking of yourself as second-rate individuals. Understand that those repetitive critical thoughts of if only this and if only that, then my life could be so much better in one way or another. Well! I’m here to tell you, NO! You wouldn’t feel any better than you do right now because those other people who have what you want, they too are having those very same thoughts.

Just know this once and for all. Those critical and complaining thoughts running wild in our minds are a serious negative mental condition that occurs when the MIND has NO intention and no purposeful direction to achieve.

The Human Mind is an intelligently organized Workshop with specific Guidelines for effective operation. When there’s no specific goal there in the workshop to work on, well, the Mind manufactures its own tormenting projects with random nonsense, nonessential, negative, and repetitive thoughts to work on that bombards you day in and day out and leaves you beaten, broken, insecure, and disillusioned with your life.

The ONLY solution to this daily mental torment is to have a specific Intention with a genuine Purpose and a meaningful Goal to establish and condition your intelligent Mind with organized knowledge and a clear structure to improve our thoughts and work on something positive and uplifting every single day. With this new success conditioning, the mind can now develop positive and empowering thoughts to serve us and upgrade our lives.


“It’s your thinking that decides whether you’re going to succeed or fail”
—-Henry Ford!

Another famous thought I like to quote is:  “If it is to be, it is up to me”


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